Hand Painted Cards - Custom Order

Izydorek_CCA RG2.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG3.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG4.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG5.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG6.jpeg
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Izydorek_CCA RG12.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG13.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG14.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG15.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG16.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG17.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG18.jpeg
Izydorek_CCA RG19.jpeg

The above selection of hand-painted cards with client logo was design for their annual employee event. The card was presented along with a voucher for company "swag" as part of their "gratitude gift bag".

Unique handmade pieces; blank for all occasions. 5 x 7 inches size is lovely framed (wall or tabletop) - so it serves not only an all occasion card but also an one of a kind gift of mailable art.